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Future Internet Assembly: Real World Internet

The Real World Internet (RWI) is a cross-domain topic of the Future Internet Assembly. This wiki facilitates the collaborative work for the RWI participants.

Further work on RWI architecture will be mainly done by IOT-A project. IOT-i project will continue to monitor other relevant IoT activities and research outputs. A number of other new IoT projects funded under FP7 program have been launched as well focusing on a number of important issues. Also, a number of new activities has been initiated, most notably International IOT Forum that will be created in November 2011 in Berlin.

To avoid duplication of efforts, the RWI results are being and will be transferred to these new activities and will be continued there.

Join us in Berlin at the International IOT Forum:

Ongoing activities:

- A paper on RWI architecture was published in the FIA book earlier this year. It summarizes the views of several related projects.

  • Identify new topics to be initiated under the RWI umbrella - please send your suggestion to Srdjan Krco.
  • Initiate collaborations with new IoT projects.


Past activities:

The participants (projects and persons) of the activity are listed here and the caretakers are:

If you would like to participate, please send an email to Srdjan Krco.
A mailing list has been set up and subscription can be made on request. The RWI mailing list is: RWI mailing list.

Links to other Initiatives


Past and Future Meetings:
You can also find past and future meetings and events of the FIA and RWI on this wiki.

Other Topics:

  • FCN, Future Content Network
  • MANA, Management & Governance
  • Trust & Identity
  • FISO, Future Internet Service Offer
  • FISE, Socio-Economics
  • FIRE, Future Internet Research Experimentation
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